Rimafil Barcelona is a family business which supplies color yarn since 1980. Why did we succeed to remain and enlarge our field of action throughout Europe and América?

Because our main goal is to give a flexible and immediate service to the industry.


Viscose Rayon is our speciality and we have the widest color range in the market really available in permanent stock.

  • 90 colors available in 300 denier with 50 filaments.
  • 22 colors available in 150 denier with 40 filaments.

Most colors are solution dyed (dope dyed) hence providing the highest quality in terms of tenacity and color fastness to all wash, rub and light. We also have yarn dyed with reactive dyes for those requiring highest natural brightness.

Most existing counts in raw are also available with us normally. From 75 up to 600 denier. Bright and dull. Centrifugal and continuous.

Other special yarns we supply immediately upon order are:

  • Raffia viscose rayon
  • Cordonnet viscose rayon
  • High Tenacity viscose rayon
  • Flat crossection filament viscose rayon
  • And 38 colors polyester textured 150d/34f intermingled and non intermingled semi dull


Find our 3 color cards in this web site and request an original one by filling your data in the attached questionnaire.

Having all colors available in stock allows us to deliver immediately any quantity without minimums from 1 cone (2kg) to make the development of new collections and samples possible.